Benefits and Features in a simple package

Traditional account statements or ad-hoc reports are designed to be detail-oriented and geared towards equity traders. If you trade options, and especially the multi-leg options, you need a dashboard that can tell you exactly how much you make or lose for each pair of multi-leg options trades; and to bring you clarity in terms of how well you are executing with your trading strategies. OptionRoller gives you a clean and easy-to-read table on all your option trades.
We leverage industry standards and integrate with well-established providers to ensure you a secure environment. All website traffic is being encrypted with HTTPS to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks. You will never need to provide your trading platform login credential to us. And last but not least, all the payment transactions are being handled via PayPal, so we will not need to collect or store your credit card information.
Adding and subtracting numbers may seem simple, until you spend all the time tallying up all the numbers and then realize the final amount is off. You may end up spending double, or triple, of your time reviewing and finding out where it went wrong. Having a system in place takes all the potential human errors out of the equation, and let the OptionRoller system handle all the math calculations.
Option traders need to provide statements to your CPA’s on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly or annually. In either case, your accountant charges you at a lower “bookkeeper” hourly rate, it is reasonable to allocate at least 1-hour per month for bookkeeping work. 12 hours x $80 per hour (average bookkeeper rate) can add up to $960 easily. If you look at the financial commitment holistically, you are only paying a small fraction of that cost to OptionRoller. This is a true money-saver!
You are an option trader and you need to focus on the actual trading activities, like monitoring, analyzing, and executing trades. You should not be distracted with administrative tasks like adding costs and subtracting fees in order to find out your P/L. OptionRoller takes that tedious, repetitive administrative work away from you so you may focus on what you do best - trading options!
Even if you have time to spare on such tedious, repetitive administrative tasks like this, would you rather spend your spare time with your family, with your friends, with your loved ones, or even just spend on yourself, doing something you enjoy in your life? OptionRoller dashboard can match up your complex transactions immediately, to save you tremendous amounts of time.
Running P/L reports on your mobile device can be quite challenging. Even though we acknowledge it is a smaller screen that we need to work with, OptionRoller does provide you this option on-the-go, so information is still available at your fingertips even when you are not in front of your computer.
With single sign-on built-in, you will not need to create or remember yet another username and password in order to access OptionRoller. You just log in to your trading platform as you always do, and your trading platform will seamlessly communicate with us to render your dashboard.