How to cancel my subscription

Have you ever had to deal with some of those online service, in which they are quick to ask you for your credit card, promise you “unconditional money back guarantee,” except when it is really time for you to cancel, you then realize their “support phone” does not really ring, their support team suddenly disappears, leaving you hanging and frustrated because they are buying time to charge your credit card every month, trying to squeeze the very last dollars out of you?!?!

Well, you get none of that from OptionRoller. As a matter of fact, you do not even need to contact us if you decide to cancel your subscription with us! Our policy on cancellation is all about transparency and ease-of-use, so we would like to show you step-by-step on how to do it yourself.

Login to your PayPal account

The first thing you do is to login to your PayPal account first. Remember OptionRoller integrates with PayPal for your subscription? One reason is you can also go through PayPal to cancel your subscription easily.

Illustration 1: PayPal Login

Manage Your OptionRoller Subscription

In your PayPal Summary, look for “Recent activity” section at the lower left hand corner. Look for OptionRoller and click the corresponding transaction.

Illustration 2: PayPal Recent activity

PayPal then takes you into the subscription detail screen, in which you can confirm that this is indeed the subscription that you would like to cancel. On this screen, you click the “Manage OptionRoller payments” link.

Illustration 3: PayPal Payment details

PayPal finally takes you to the screen to cancel. From here, all you will need to do is to click the “Cancel” button to initiate the process.

Illustration 4: PayPal Cancel Subscription

You will go through the very common procedure asking you for confirmation. As much as you do not want to see you go, on this screen what you will need is to click “Cancel Automatic Payments.”

Illustration 5: PayPal Cancel Automatic Payments

This is it! PayPal will present you a screen informing you that the action is complete. You will not even need to call / text / email / PM anyone at OptionRoller.

One important note is that cancellation takes effect immediately. This means even if your subscription still has another 5 days to go, PayPal will inform us your decision to cancel immediately, in which we will terminate your OptionRoller membership immediately as well.

Illustration 6: PayPal canceled automatic payments


We hope the extensive documentation on how you may cancel your OptionRoller subscription can provide you the peace of mind.

If you prefer to have one of our support members walk you through the cancellation, feel free to email us at and we shall help you with the cancellation.

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