What are OptionRoller’s security measures?

OptionRoller combines usability and security into a single platform. We have made quite a few posts around how easy to read our dashboard already, for this post we will focus on explaining the security measures we have put in place.

Security Socket Layer (SSL)

When you arrive to our website, https://optionroller.com/, you will notice that we automatically encrypt our connection via SSL, by enforcing our communication protocol to HTTPS.

There is a simple way for you to assure that the communication between you and OptionRoller is encryption, and that is by observing that there is a little padlock next to our website address, like below:

Illustration 1: URL with a padlock

Secure Payment

OptionRoller is a subscription-based service and as our business model requires us to process payments for all of our subscribers. But what if you do not trust OptionRoller and do not want to give us your credit card information?

We can certainly understand your concern, but we would have the same concern if we need to pay to another website that we are not familiar with. This is the reason why OptionRoller integrates with PayPal to process your subscription payments. All machine-level communications between OptionRoller and PayPal are being done with secured Application Programming Interface (API).

PayPal is a well-known, well-trusted online payment gateway. Chances are, you already have a PayPal account. But even if not, it is very easy to sign up for a free account.

Illustration 2: OptionRoller works with PayPal

The subscription process involves you authorizing PayPal to pay us, you will never have to enter your credit card information to OptionRoller, never ever; and that is our commitment to keep your financial information secured, by simply not asking for it.

Delegated Authentication

Do you feel comfortable giving your option trading account login away? We don’t. That is why at OptionRoller, we do not ask you to give us your TD Ameritrade account username or password.

Instead, when you have the need to access your OptionRoller Dashboard, our system will temporarily send you to TD Ameritrade, and we “delegate” TD Ameritrade to authenticate you on our behalf. Once you are done logging in to TD Ameritrade, proving your identity, TD Ameritrade will send you back to OptionRoller, authorizing this web session, and enabling OptionRoller to initiate our algorithms to render your dashboard, based on your TD Ameritrade option transactions.

Illustration 3: TD Ameritrade login

Single Sign-On

What you must notice by now, is that we do not have to login with OptionRoller, and that is correct! OptionRoller exists to provide you a secure but easy-to-read dashboard to check your option P/L, we are not here to make you remember (yet) another login username and password.

OptionRoller’s unique design of Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is not just a convenience feature, but it is also intended to enhance security, because another login username and password means another attack surface for the hackers – and we are doing our job to eliminate such attack surface.

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