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Reading a TD Ameritrade thinkorswim report

The team at OptionRoller is not just a bunch of software engineers and UX / UI designers, but we also possess a very unique skill set combination, which is we are also option traders, and some of us are long term and current TD Ameritrade customers. We are all very used to reading the account

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How to sign up on my mobile device – Part 2

Recap: In the previous post, we walked through Part 1 which we completed the PayPal subscription on your mobile device. Now, let’s continue with the TD Ameritrade account permission granting. TD Ameritrade Account Permission Walk Through Here is the screen shot of where we left off, it actually spells out the remaining steps in Step

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How to read the Dashboard

The OptionRoller Dashboard is designed to be clean and easy-to-understand. But in the event that our option terminology may be slightly different than yours, this post (which acts like a glossary too) can help clarify furthermore. Features There are several features within the OptionRoller Dashboard that you may want to pay attention to. The top

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