How to Sign Up – Part 2

Recap: In the previous post, we walked through Part 1 which we completed the PayPal subscription. Now, let’s continue with the TD Ameritrade account permission granting.

TD Ameritrade Account Permission Walk Through

  • Here is the screen shot of where we left off, it actually spells out the remaining steps in Step 1, 2, and 3. You may click the “Continue” button once you are ready to proceed
Illustration 1: Getting ready to TD Ameritrade
  • We send you to TD Ameritrade where you will enter your TD Ameritrade username, password
Illustration 2: TD Ameritrade Secure Log-in screen
  • TD Ameritrade may prompt you for a 2-factor authentication challenge. You may choose to receive a text message, or answer a knowledge-based question
Illustration 3: TD Ameritrade 2-factor authentication
  • Enter the 6-digit code that you receive from the text message on your mobile phone
Illustration 4: TD Ameritrade Enter code screen
  • TD Ameritrade will ask you if you want to grant OptionRoller access to your account. Click the “Allow” button
Illustration 5: TD Ameritrade Authorization
  • Once you click “Allow,” TD Ameritrade will send you back to OptionRoller and you will see your dashboard!
Illustration 6: OptionRoller Dashboard screen
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