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TD Ameritrade permissions explained

OptionRoller integrates with TD Ameritrade via a secured method. It is an industry standard protocol called “OAuth 2.0.” You will notice it is more secured and provide you the additional peace of mind, because OptionRoller does not ask you to provide your TD Ameritrade / thinkofswim login to us. Instead, OptionRoller temporarily sends you to

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How to Login to OptionRoller

You will notice that when you login to your OptionRoller Dashboard, we actually do not ask you to create or maintain a login username or password with us. That is because OptionRoller integrates with the TD Ameritrade platform via the secured OAuth 2.0 protocol. It may seem confusing at first, but we are sure you

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How to Sign Up – Part 2

Recap: In the previous post, we walked through Part 1 which we completed the PayPal subscription. Now, let’s continue with the TD Ameritrade account permission granting. TD Ameritrade Account Permission Walk Through Here is the screen shot of where we left off, it actually spells out the remaining steps in Step 1, 2, and 3.

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