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Why should I pay for OptionRoller Dashboard when the account statement is free?

You are not alone! We at OptionRoller also asked ourselves the same question: Why should we spend our time and effort to develop this dashboard, ask option traders to pay to use it, while all of us can simply get on the TD Ameritrade online portal to get the transactions? We are not trying to

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How to read the Dashboard

The OptionRoller Dashboard is designed to be clean and easy-to-understand. But in the event that our option terminology may be slightly different than yours, this post (which acts like a glossary too) can help clarify furthermore. Features There are several features within the OptionRoller Dashboard that you may want to pay attention to. The top

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What is OptionRoller Dashboard?

OptionRoller Dashboard exists to solve a very simple problem: To provide a clean, simple dashboard for option traders to see how much they are making. First, let’s go over a few questions to see if you can take advantage of our service: Are you an option trader? Do you trade with TD Ameritrade thinkorswim platform?

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